We are lucky to have a very involved Board of Trustees here at St. James' Episcopal School. Pictured left is Hunter, grandson of trustee Sharon Barnett, who recently read to our Discovery II class! 

Board of Trustees and Governance of St. James’ Episcopal School

 In 1998, St. James’ Episcopal School (SJES) became a corporation in its own right with its own bylaws and board of trustees.   The School is a parish day school of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas;  its sponsoring parish is St. James’ Episcopal Church.  In 1998 SJES was also granted 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service in 1998; thus contributions to the School are fully tax-deductible, unless goods or services were received. 

The Board of Trustees of St. James’ Episcopal School can have up to 21 trustees.  The School’s bylaws specify that at least 15 of the trustees must be communicants of the Episcopal Church, and 8 must be from the sponsoring parish, St. James’ Episcopal Church.  The President of the Parent Activity Council of SJES is a voting member of the Board.  The Rector of St. James’ Episcopal Church is the Executive Chair; responsibilities for running the Board are delegated to the President.  The Board operates on a system of standing committees and meets at least seven times a year.   Trustee terms are three years in length.

The Board’s three principal functions are: 


  • To hire the Head of School
  • To raise funds to support the School
  • To make and monitor policy
  • To ensure the financial sustainability and integrity of the School

People from Episcopal parishes or other congregations throughout the City of Austin serve on our Board of Trustees.  Trustees bring a multitude of skills, interests, and expertise to their service on our Board..  Their involvement and support is essential to carrying out the mission—and the successful present and future--of our School.  

St. James' Episcopal School Board of Trustees 

2012 - 2013 


The Rev. Lisa Saunders 

Executive Chair, ex officio. Rector, St. James' Episcopal Church  


Judith Rhedin – 2014 (end of second term)


Ass’t Director, Texas Performing Arts (UT)


Simone Talma Flowers – 2014       

Chief Operations Officer

Interfaith Action of Central Texas


Jane Pfeiffer Michael  – 2013


Secondary school teacher and curriculum writer (retired)


Jack Nokes  – 2014 (end of second term)


Interim COO, Austin Museum of Art


Kent Burress, ex officio 

Past President

CEO, Ronald McDonald House


Ellen Jockusch, ex officio     

Head of School


Sharon Barnett  – 2014

Episcopal educator (retired)


Marc Bove  – 2014

President, The Bommarito Group, Inc.


Jim Crosby – 2014 

Lay Chaplain & Theology Teacher, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School


Nell Dale – 2013

Retired Faculty, UT Dept. of Computer Sciences 


Cy Helm - 2012 

Trustee, The Helm Foundation

Houston, Texas


Jane Hill 

Education Advocate

Founding Head, Trinity Episcopal School


Jeri Houstoun  – 2015

St. David’s Episcopal Church

Community Volunteer & Episcopal School advocate


Kelvin King  – 2014

Partner, Stryve Advisors


Brian Lofgren

SJES Parent Representative


Alexandra (Ecky) Malick – 2015

Community volunteer 


Halley Wallingford Ortiz – 2015

Middle School English Teacher 


Liz Fleming Powell  – 2013 

Network Chaplain at Seton Family of Hospitals 


Nicolas Shumway  

Dean, School of Humanities, Rice University


Kimberly Wilson Vincent – 2013

Attorney and Counselor at Law 

Owner of Law Office of Kim Wilson Vincent