SJES at a Glance
  • We’re conveniently located and easily accessible — 10 minutes from UT and 5 minutes from Mueller.
  • Our child-friendly, modern campus includes four large well-lit classrooms, a library and literacy area, a sheltered deck, and a playground.
  • The school is open from 7:15 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Innovative programs and curricula offered to meet the specific needs of your child. 
  • Enrichment activities, which vary by program, include chapel, Spanish, music, art, nature hikes, fitness, and storytime through the Austin Public Library.
  • Our mission is to encourage the development of the whole child in a caring community for children from diverse religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds.


 Dear Prospective Families,

        St. James' Episcopal School is an extraordinary place where children learn and grow everyday - cognitively, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. With a rich learning environment during the day and a lively enrichment program in the afternoon, our programs for children ages 18 months to five years instill in children a love of learning, a growing sense of achievement and self-confidence, and the values of courtesy, kindness, and respect. When children leave St. James', they are prepared to succeed.

        As an Episcopal School, St. James' strives to be a community in which every child is cherished and the diversity of the human family is honored. our students and their families are economically diverse, as are our faculty and board of trustees.

       Recognizing the financial challenges facing many families, tuition for St. James' is lower than that of others schools of comparable quality. Over forty percent of students receive scholarships raised by the school board. We also accept Work Source, military, and City of Austin funding.

       I warmly invite you to visit St. James' and see first-hand our caring, safe, and vibrant learning community. 


       Ellen Jockusch, Head of School


 What our familis are saying about SJES!

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"We love St James. The years our daughter spent there were very beneficial to her development. One of my favorite things about SJES is how much the staff loves the kids. They each take the time to know the children and work to make sure they are comfortable, happy and learning. Sending our daughter to SJES was one of the best decisions we have made for her. She started Kindergarten with an excellent foundation, not only in her studies, but also in socialization, friendship and teamwork. I highly recommend SJES."

- Rachel, mom to Claire, rising kindergartener 

"A clear indicator that Imani is in love with and dedicated to St. James' is she gets very upset if she arrives to school late. Imani explains it "interrupts her work". I believe that response alone sums up perfectly the commitment and the passion for learning the school has helped instill in Imani.

Also, and what I feel to be the most important, St. James' consistently stresses the practice of kindness. And for that, I am most grateful.

And for kicks and the sake of brevity--a haiku! :)

Most High created

words, numbers, discipline too,

child, love, St. James' School!"

- Brook, mom to Imani, rising first grader


"Education has been highly valued in my family with a strong emphasis on early education. I have a very inquisitive child that notices and asks about everything. She attended in-home daycare with no real learning curriculum, just what the parents suggested. I felt like she needed to be in an environment where she would be learning constantly and challenged on a daily basis.

My God daughter attended St. James several years ago and her parents were very pleased with the education she received and with how well prepared she was to begin school. I did a lot of research because I did not want to make the wrong decision when it came to my child's early education. I went on internet sites, I toured the school a couple of times, I spoke with parents of current students as well as past students and just felt like it was a good fit for my child and our family. The very first time that I brought my daughter to the school, we were in the parking lot and she looked at the campus and said, "Mommy! This is my school!" That was pretty much all I needed to hear and I was sold."

- Anitra, mom to Addison, preschool


My daughter Kennady receives scholarship support from SJES. I am a single parent and can’t express adequately how much it has meant to us (my daughter and I) to have received the money that has made it possible for her to attend this wonderful school. I have been wanting to get her into a preschool program but didn’t have the funds to do so. Through the scholarship program that SJES offers Kennady is able to get the pre-education that I believe will make her competitive with other students and is getting her started on the education that I want her to have. We are so GRATEFUL!!!

- Tequila, mom to Kenady, preschool